When Brendon is not struggling to write platitudes about himself in the third person you may find him living vicariously through tasty sunsets with camera in tow, rock climbing, excessive coffee and sashimi consumption (but never simultaneously), reading, ceramics, the outdoors, gardening, regaling likeminded people about the trivialities of life and the seemingly endless parameters of the human condition.

Brendon has been a photographer in a professional capacity since 2002 and while many things have changed since those formative days, photographically speaking, Brendon is still drawn to the actuality, like in the beginning, not the status….ok, maybe a little bit of the status.

Brendon enjoys the opportunities to collaborate and meet new people on a variety of projects, offering a point of difference in his photography but ultimately learning from and meeting the needs of clients. To quote Hunter S Thompson, ‘he that is taught only by himself has a fool for a master.’